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Foods to Suppress Your Appetite During Medical Weight Loss

When you are deciding to change your lifestyle to become healthier and ultimately lose weight, your appetite is one of the most difficult things to overcome. One of the reasons people are overweight is because they don’t understand portion control and they are consistently overeating because they are eating empty calories. Foods that have no nutritional value, fiber, or protein don’t suppress our appetite, they increase it. So, let’s put down the coke and the bag of salty chips and read on.

At Atlas Total Health Chiropractic, our goal is your success. We want to assist you every step of the way, so you can feel happy and healthy. We have a program in place where we design a great and balanced nutrition plan and can even supply appetite suppressants. If you want to do this the all-natural way, that is fabulous news! We wanted to inform you of some food options that can help curb your appetite and assist you with your medical weight loss.

Natural appetite suppressants for your medical weight loss:


Nuts are a delicious and nutritious snack that you don’t need to feel guilty over. Nuts are high in healthy fats and help balance your cholesterol. Mainly, they help keep you feeling full longer. They are high in fiber which keeps you feeling full and takes longer to digest. If you are feeling hungry, having just a handful of almonds should curb your hunger until your next full meal.


An apple a day really does keep the doctor away! Apples are beneficial in the morning or early afternoon as a light snack. They also have a great deal of fiber which will keep you feeling satisfied. Apples not only have a ton of fiber, they also have pectin which balances out blood sugar and also helps suppress hunger. Feeling hungry? Eat a few slices of apple with some almond butter. The apple and almond butter will be filling and the fat your body is taking in will be healthy!


Mint is one of those flavors that keeps you content. Mint helps keep you calm but also is a known appetite suppressant. If you are feeling like a snack, have some mint tea. Tea is another great beverage to consume and with the added mint it will keep you feeling full. If you don’t have tea around, having a mint lotion or candle around also helps keep your appetite at bay.


We are hoping you love edamame as much as we do! This superfood is delicious and a decent portion is less than 100 calories. Edamame is also packed with tons of protein which you can feel good about consuming. Edamame would make a great afternoon snack that you can indulge in.

Leafy Greens

Many people eat salads for meals not just because they are delicious, but because they are a necessity for your medical weight loss. Leafy greens are full of water and fiber, keeping you feeling satisfied with smaller portions. Romaine, sprouts, and kale are great to interchange and make different types of salads, so you aren’t eating the same things all the time and you can keep your food interesting.


People get super excited when they realize they still get to have their favorite foods, just in moderation. Eggs are great for breakfast and they are extremely versatile, meaning you can try so many different recipes. Eating a hardboiled egg as a snack or with a salad is a choice for many of our clients, as well as preparing eggs in all different ways.

Our medical weight loss plan is what you have been missing in Atlanta. Enjoy these foods and see how well you feel and how amazing you look! We are your support team and we want you to succeed in your medical weight loss journey.