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Dry needling is a modern western version of acupuncture treatment designed to ease muscular pain. It is an emerging physical therapy technique that uses a small needles to release knots within the muscles. This treatment has been in use since the 1940s, but it has only recently become a widely used form of therapy to reduce pain, tightness, and discomfort. With the use of small, thin needles, injured soft tissue undergoes a therapeutic process of recovery as tension and pressure is released.  

At Atlas Total Health Chiropractic, our success is measured not just by the treatments we provide but by the quality of life of each patient – one adjustment at a time.

Common Questions

Dry needling is an instrument-assisted therapy that aims to relieve the chronic pain of patients that have been suffering from long-term muscular injuries. This practice is designed to relieve tightness and pain in muscles. Practitioners believe that inserting a needle directly into a knot or pressure point will release tension in the surrounding muscles.

  • Relax Tight Muscles – The needles will release tension, inflammation, chemicals, and pressure in the muscles that has caused the pain. The results will lead to an improved range of motion and immediate pain relief.
  • Improve Movement – Dry needling can help reduce this pain and improve the overall function so you won’t feel constant discomfort.
  • Improve Blood Flow – It helps release the knot and relieve any muscle pain or spasms.

Atlas Total Health Chiropractic is one of the top options for dry needling in the Chattanooga area and we are successful in treating pain and disability by targeting trigger points. We believe that it can have a profound impact on your life by reducing your pain and increasing your mobility.

Any stiff or aching muscles causing chronic pain can be treated with dry needling. Dry needling therapy can be used on large muscle groups, such as the quadriceps or glutes, as well as smaller muscles within the spine or neck.


Your road to recovery can involve a variety of techniques to help you live a fuller life. As one of the few clinics that offer dry needling in Tennessee, Atlas Total Health Chiropractic can be your partner in creating an excellent plan of care.